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This TV Talk Show Does
More Than TALK!

For three and a half years, running Monday through Friday mornings, INFINITE POWER was always ahead of its time. Growing quickly, this self-syndicated television phenomenon grew into 186 cities on FOX, UPN, ABC, NBC, and CBS stations.

With a humorous talk show format, our hosts shared their best fitness,
nutrition, and motivational secrets

The Infinite Power Cast

The Cast of Infinite Power

of success.  Daily interviews with TV and movie stars inspired and informed audiences with their unique stories, trials, and tribulations.
Frank Zane & Cie

INFINITE POWER was an original and divine idea derived from its host, Cie. Hollywood, the world's vast fitness community and its products came to meet her and a comical and transformational show emerged. Loaded with timeless and treasured information, this network quality show has never been duplicated.

LEFT: Frank, Joe and Cie garnered endorsements by the masses.  Cie concedes humbly receiving about 150 endorsement contracts for health, beauty, and fitness products.

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